Track your donors and donations more easily with Lightpost.

Lightpost is web-based donor management software for non-profits. Unlike most other options out there, Lightpost is focused on giving you simply the core tools you need to understand your donors and donations.

We do less by design — and, for now, it's free.

Unlimited Donors
Unlimited Account Users
Unlimited Donations
Unlimited Campaigns
Unlimited Reports
Unlimited Reminders
Data Import/Export
Lightpost Dashboard

Still using spreadsheets?

Lightpost keeps that straight-forward feeling of working with simple documents, and ties it into the power of a web-based app.

Why Web-based?

Web-based software provides some great benefits over desktop-based software:

  • Nothing to install
    Just go to your unique web address, log in, and go — and do it from any internet-connected computer. No ‘computer guy’ required!
  • Platform Independent
    All you need to run Lightpost is a modern web browser — it makes no difference if you're on a Mac, a PC, Linux, or anything else.
  • Available Anywhere, Anytime
    Web-based software means you're not tied to a specific computer — you can access your Lightpost software from any internet-connected machine.
  • Secure
    All of your donor information is stored securely on our servers. If your computer is lost, stolen, or breaks down, your donor information will still be safe and sound.
  • Multiple users
    Create a login for anyone in your organization who needs one. Because your data is stored on our servers instead of your hard drive, everyone works with the same set of data.
  • Seamless Software Updates
    Because the Lightpost software is running on our servers, and not your computer, we can push software updates and fixes without you having to do a thing — and for free!