My Life After Retirement

All my life I worked hard and looked forward to retirement. I planned, I saved and I focussed on things I could do when I retired. Finally, at long last, I am among the retired. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan quite as well as I had thought I did. I am going to need a few more dollars at the end of each month. That’s when my wonderful wife came up with an idea.

She suggested we sell our house and buy an RV and become campground hosts. I loved it. I’ve always loved camping and this would be glamping in my opinion. As an added bonus, we were already close friends with others who did just this. We chose a few campgrounds to inquire to and set about our goal. We found one quickly and begin our preparations. First, we had to downsize and then we were able to buy the RV of our dreams. It has all of the bells and whistles.

Of course, not everyone is this blessed, we were grateful to find a steal of a deal. We’re near a town and have a post office box there and we’ve forged ahead. In the winter months, we go southwest and have a nice campground there where we work. It’s great working after retirement. We have made a lot of great friends. It supplements our income of Social Security and our Individual Retirement Plans and it helps us to have some meaning in life.

Every morning I wake up and do the few things that need to be done around the campgrounds and then I head off to my favourite fishing hole. By lunchtime, I have my limit and I head back to the campground where my wife has made me a delicious lunch. After a short nap, if we need anything we run to town. Otherwise, we sit outside and enjoy the sound of the running water and the laughter of children in and around the campground.

I read my book or garden and my wife does her crocheting and gardening as well. Friends (campers) often drop by and say hi and we talk about the area. I’ve learned a lot about the area living here and can send most people on fun adventures in and around the campgrounds or town. I’ve even made up a fun scavenger hunt for the children who visit. Retirement is wonderful and I love my life after retirement. Although it wasn’t quite how I had planned it out, I’ve found that it’s wonderful all the same.

I have no regrets that I didn’t plan better and I’m perfectly content that I have a great retired life. I enjoy every minute of it. Some summers we take our RV to our son’s house and spend the summer there in his backyard. It’s nice to spend time with the grandkids and reminisce about their childhood.

My life after retirement is the best ever and I have no regrets for not planning better. Money isn’t everything and I’m enjoying my golden years enjoying the great outdoors and my family. Sometimes my son and his family come to the campgrounds that we’re at and campout as well. It’s great fun and makes my life even more enjoyable. Evolution Financial Townsville has helped us with all our retirement needs and we are forever grateful for their service.

Oh, and my job as campground host is easy. I sell a bit of firewood, I “police” or clean campsites when campers leave, and I politely enforce quiet hours and help people find the perfect campsite for their wants and needs. Retirement is wonderful and I have no complaints. My wife is thrilled at our new life.