Reasons why you should visit a dentist every 6 months

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You’ve probably heard that you should pay a visit to a dentist every six months, but maybe you’ve never understood the reasoning behind it. After all, twice a year is pretty often when it comes to sitting in a dental chair, and if you have to do it, it would be nice to understand why it’s necessary. The truth is that your mouth plays an important part in your overall health, and a good dentistry office can often catch problems before they get out of hand. Dentists at the dental care are trained to look for things out of the ordinary with your head, mouth and neck area, and if you’re seeing him or her every six months, he’ll be more likely to spot things amiss. Here are some just some good reasons why you should visit a dentist every 6 months.

The Dentist Will Examine Your Teeth and also Gums

Tooth decay is a severe problem that can lead to all kinds of illnesses-even some that don’t have much to do with your mouth. But if you visit a dental office in Durham twice a year, the dentist will be able to pick up small signs of tooth decay right when it starts-not after it’s already done major damage. For instance, tartar and plaque can build up easily and quickly in the mouth, and if not taken care of right away, can lead to gum disease as the soft plaque will begin to irritate your gums. Gum disease can lead to all kinds of problems if it’s not treated immediately. Also, your dentist will check your gums to make sure they’re healthy, as well as screen you for oral cancer, diabetes, and more.

Dental Office Expert Will Clean Your Teeth

Teeth cleaning serves many different purposes in taking care of your mouth. For starters, there’s simply nothing like the clean, fresh feeling you’ll get after having your teeth cleaned professionally. Your dentistry staff will either do the job manually or use an electronic device to get your teeth clean. The process strips away all plaque build-up on your teeth, as well as along your gum lines. This ensures that tooth decay doesn’t have a fighting chance to develop in your mouth. Next, the dental hygienist will polish your teeth and floss them. If she sees any areas that you’re missing when you brush and floss, she’ll point them out to you, which will help you keep your mouth clean and healthy.

These routine dental appoints, and teeth cleanings are important for your continued good health. Medical experts have linked tooth decay to diseases like heart attacks and cancer, so going to the dentist every 6 months seems like a small price to pay to ensure that you stay healthy. If it’s been too long since you’ve sat in the chair, why not call a dental office and schedule an appointment today?

After all, all you have to lose is tooth decay and irritated gums.